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About our founder, Gathan Burns.

Gathan started logging in 1982 right after high school. Gathan was a third generation logger following in the footsteps of his Father, Carl David Burns, and his Grandfather, Henry Burns. In 2003, Gathan and his wife, Lavonda, expanded their logging business to form Cherokee Timber Company and later, in 2010, Cherokee Wood Products.

Sadly, in 2018, Gathan lost a hard fought battle with cancer. Lavonda Burns Hardin carries on the management of Cherokee Timber and Cherokee Wood Products in a manner that would make Gathan proud. Jeremy Goss, Vice President and Timber Buyer, owns and manages the logging crews that Gathan started as Goss Logging, Inc.

Everyone at Cherokee Timber Company, Cherokee Wood Products, and Goss Logging works to carry on the high standards of customer service that Gathan set.

Meet our President, Lavonda Burns Hardin

Lavonda Burns Hardin helped manage Gathan’s logging business almost from the beginning. Trained by one of the best, Lavonda carries on Gathan’s Legacy with Cherokee Timber Company and Cherokee Wood Products. Lavonda manages her businesses with customer satisfaction and repeat business as top priorities.

Dale Bates

Dale is a forest technician and timber buyer for Cherokee Timber Company. Dale has almost 40 years experience in the forestry industry. He has worked many years as a private land manager overseeing timber harvesting and monitoring Best Management Practices. He holds a degree in forestry wildlife.

Jeremy Goss

Jeremy is a vice-president and timber buyer for Cherokee Timber Company. Jeremy graduated from Auburn University in 1998 with a degree in forestry and a minor in business. He has been a timber buyer since 2000 and is a certified Professional Logging Manager. He stays very current with the local timber markets and mills we supply.

Hunter Ginn

Hunter is a timber buyer for Cherokee Timber Company. Hunter graduated from Auburn University in 2016 with a degree in forestry. He has worked with Cherokee Timber Company since June, 2016. Hunter is a certified professional logging manager.

Jason Voss

Jason B. Voss is a licensed forester with over 25 years of experience. Jason earned a degree in Forest Resources from Auburn University in 1995. Since 2001 Jason has been buying timber and working with both private and industrial landowners to satisfy their harvest objectives.

Goss Logging Crew #1

Chupp Logging

Three generations working together in the logging woods

Goss Logging Crew #2"

Pace Construction crew

Barron Timber

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