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Timber Cruise Estimate

The first step is to talk to one of our timber buyers. They will then cruise the timber. This means an estimate of the volume of timber  will be made by walking thru and measuring the timber to be cut. The information gathered from the timber cruise will be used to give the landowner a price. The timber buyer will discuss the best method of harvest for the timber standing.

Harvest Methods

There are different harvesting methods used by our loggers.

Thinning: A pine plantation is thinned around 15-20 years of age. This is a removal of the smaller trees that will allow the growth of the remaining trees to take place. This will prepare the stand for increased saw timber production.

Selective Harvest: This is a cut to remove certain species and sizes of trees. This is used sometimes in preserving hardwood forest.

Payment – Contract

Cherokee Timber Company will purchase timber either by the ton as it is cut, or with a lump sum payment in advance before the cutting begins. Once an agreement has been made for the type of cut and the type of payment method, a timber contract is made and signed by all parties of interest. The typical time allowed to harvest the timber is 12 months.

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